My nephew in Langkawi

Early this month, we took my five-year-old nephew to Langkawi, an island located northwest of Peninsular Malaysia. It was his first plane ride, and he couldn’t be more excited.

When the plane was taxiing on the runway before takeoff, he asked impatiently, “Are we in the sky yet? Are we?” As the plane lifted off the ground, he raised his little arms and cheered. We all smiled.

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May the moon light up our hearts forever

The very moment Ah Yan let out a heartbreaking wail, the kids in front of the stage broke into a chorus of laughter. It was excruciatingly inappropriate, and yet very amusing and liberating.

I had worried that Singing Under the Moonlight 月亮有歌 by Hongjiejie Work Station 红姐姐剧场 would be too naive and unsophisticated, for it is a theatre play for young audiences. The story took us back to several decades ago when Fung Bo Bo and Lin Feng-jiao were the then-popular movie stars. Six best friends from primary school spent all their time together studying and playing; their close friendship forged through bantering, game sessions, tikam, and a secret hideaway deep in the woods.

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The aroma of a cafe

The first thing that greeted me when I stepped in the cafe was the sweet aroma of coffee; a friendly smile awaited as I approached the counter. After ordering, I sat down and enjoyed the view of a neighborhood where I used to live.

I spent only an hour enjoying my cup of piccolo latte since I had to rush back to work, but it was a perfect hour spent on a Tuesday.

BRATS – One Half
Address: 11, Jalan 20/13, Taman Paramount, 46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia



Summer in the US

I underestimated my intolerance for heat and humidity, and wrongly assumed that summer in the United States would be a breeze for a tropics native like me. For six weeks, the merciless sun threatened to sprinkle more freckles onto my sunscreen-covered face, while sweat dripped like a thousand steady streams down my back.

Despite so, I sought out the sun for the gorgeous display of light and shadow. And the sun provided such clarity – not only to the images captured, but also to the mind. The tendency to bare all, emotionally, is higher under the bright sun.


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Ottawa Canada

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