On Turning 30

Last week, I caught up with a classmate whom I have not seen for years. We used to sit next to each other in class when we were in Year Four, but never really stayed in touch after that except for remaining “friends” on Facebook.

It’s crazy to think that 20 years – gasp! – have passed by since then. While trading two decades worth of stories in a bakery, I remarked, “I still think I am so childish, even though I have turned 30 this year.

My friend nodded: “Me too.”

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Escapade: Travelling to find myself

“Holiday again?Solo trip? Wow you so lucky, always enjoying life…” Once again I hear all these when I tell friends I am going to Hanoi. Yet to me this is just not a holiday… This is the chance to hold the camera and see another world… It is not a holiday because I don’t need to see museum, I don’t need to visit monument… I am happy to sit inside cafe for hrs look out into the street and listen to the church bell… Or have a beer at hand and watch the moonlight reflect on the calm Halong Bay…

The trip begin me having no sleep the night b4 but with this view everything seem ok
The trip begin with me having no sleep the night b4 but with this view everything seem ok.
Another country another culture
Another country another culture.
First stop the cafe
First stop agenda the cafe, Hanoi Social Club.

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A different kind of vacation

At last, I’ve come to realise I should at least make a quick record of the current chapter of my life simply because of its rarity. I do not foresee myself having such chances, or courage, too often in the future. It saw me bidding adieu to a decent salary and a comfortable working environment, just to find out what I should do next in my career.

Unrealistic as it may sound, I do have a grand reason to justify my unemployment and the world would never discourage this. That is, to further my studies.

It will always be okay, because, I can learn, so I can always become better.

It has been three months since I called myself a full-time student, and I find myself often using this word “romantic” to describe the sojourn. It was a word that fuelled my imagination when I was the teenager immersed in fantasies. Time flows and somehow that word submerges, too, in the din of daily traffic and the throb of my wild goose chase.

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