Escapade: Cameron Highlands


We drove up to the Cameron Highlands last weekend for a respite from the tropical heat. The windy road leading up to Brinchang, where we’d stay a night, offered a spectacular view of the mountains and clouds.

I was 10 the last time I went to Cameron, and so I was excited to go again this time.

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“What do you want for dinner?”
“Can you fry an egg for me please?”

Timothy Goodman’s piece resonates with me, a lot. I always have a worry that no matter how much time I get to spend with her, it will never be enough. The guilt is especially strong when I leave home to work abroad. Part of my heart is always with her at home.


“To Malaysians, welcome home.”

Call me sentimental, but that line above never failed to make me teary-eyed, and it was especially so this time.

I couldn’t sleep on the red-eye even though the rumbling of the flight engines was comforting. The night sky was dotted with twinkling stars and a shiny crescent. It felt very safe to curl up in the seat and just look out of the window.

The sunrise came and breakfast was served, and the plane began to make its descend. The familiar sight of palm plantation and the greenish Straits of Malacca made my heart soar.

I am home. 🙂