Peking Duck Burger

Eating a whole Peking duck at a restaurant often feels very ceremonious. A chef will carve the freshly roasted duck next to your table, steam rising as the skin is sliced off. The process feels grand and purposeful.

Enjoying the dish is a graceful affair. Thin slices of skin and meat are dipped into sauce (each restaurant boasts its own specialty sauce) and then arranged on a sheet of pancake together with shreds of scallions and cucumber. Next, roll and fold the pancake into a small little bolster. When you bite into the ensemble, sweet bean sauce leaks into your mouth, paving the way for the rest of the fillings.

Dadong, a famous Peking duck chain, is reinventing the way to enjoy the imperial delicacy. Instead of a formal sit-down meal, it is providing an alternative: grabbing the treat to-go.

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