Summer in the US

I underestimated my intolerance for heat and humidity, and wrongly assumed that summer in the United States would be a breeze for a tropics native like me. For six weeks, the merciless sun threatened to sprinkle more freckles onto my sunscreen-covered face, while sweat dripped like a thousand steady streams down my back.

Despite so, I sought out the sun for the gorgeous display of light and shadow. And the sun provided such clarity – not only to the images captured, but also to the mind. The tendency to bare all, emotionally, is higher under the bright sun.


There were a million moments I want to remember forever – but first, a few photos:


IMG_9263   IMG_9565


Long after the sun went beneath the horizon, the heat lingered. I was sleep deprived, but I didn’t mind in the slightest. When the sun flooded my room with light again the next day, I was hopeful of the adventure I’d have.


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