May the moon light up our hearts forever

The very moment Ah Yan let out a heartbreaking wail, the kids in front of the stage broke into a chorus of laughter. It was excruciatingly inappropriate, and yet very amusing and liberating.

I had worried that Singing Under the Moonlight 月亮有歌 by Hongjiejie Work Station 红姐姐剧场 would be too naive and unsophisticated, for it is a theatre play for young audiences. The story took us back to several decades ago when Fung Bo Bo and Lin Feng-jiao were the then-popular movie stars. Six best friends from primary school spent all their time together studying and playing; their close friendship forged through bantering, game sessions, tikam, and a secret hideaway deep in the woods.

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Pulau Rawa

We arrived at the little tropical island after a short boat trip from Mersing jetty and hopped into the waters to get off the speedboat. Sandals were taken off and chucked aside since we didn’t need them anymore, at least for the next three days.

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