Pulau Rawa

We arrived at the little tropical island after a short boat trip from Mersing jetty and hopped into the waters to get off the speedboat. Sandals were taken off and chucked aside since we didn’t need them anymore, at least for the next three days.


Our beachfront hut at Alang’s Rawa was basic but so, so lovely, especially the red hammock. “I’ll be here if you need me,” I said to my friend, who went off to swim in the sea.


I read this gripping book here, taking huge gulps of Coke with lots of ice and watching the waves. Breezes stroked the chimes above me, while intermittent gushes of wind made them ring.


Rawa is gaining popularity but with only two resorts, the crowd size is kept small, making it the perfect destination to shut off my brain. No difficult decisions to be made here, except perhaps whether to have red or white wine at dinner?


We strolled over to the other resort, the Rawa Island Resort, to see what lied around the bend. After crossing path with two peacocks and fellow holidaymakers, the afternoon heat sent us scurrying back to seek shelter.


Our remaining time was spent having some idyllic conversations and basically quieting the incessant chatters in our minds. Time stood still at Rawa, just the way we wanted it to be.


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