May the moon light up our hearts forever

The very moment Ah Yan let out a heartbreaking wail, the kids in front of the stage broke into a chorus of laughter. It was excruciatingly inappropriate, and yet very amusing and liberating.

I had worried that Singing Under the Moonlight 月亮有歌 by Hongjiejie Work Station 红姐姐剧场 would be too naive and unsophisticated, for it is a theatre play for young audiences. The story took us back to several decades ago when Fung Bo Bo and Lin Feng-jiao were the then-popular movie stars. Six best friends from primary school spent all their time together studying and playing; their close friendship forged through bantering, game sessions, tikam, and a secret hideaway deep in the woods.

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Getting recognised


We live in a world where cameras, Photoshop, and even mobile phones gain better attention than the photos. The photo itself seems to be the last thing people notice.

So I was tingling with excitement where I received an email informing me that my photo had been chosen as the daily winner for a campaign by Hong Kong tourism board #INEVERKNEW. Although I didn’t win the first prize, which I was secretly hoping for, the fact that this photo got chosen meant someone noticed my work. I was excited not for any other reasons, but simply because someone noticed, and liked, my photo.


A poem on death

These past few days I have been thinking about our fleeting time on earth, and what exactly do we get out of life. The profound relationships we build with people around us mean a lot to me, but they are also exactly what we tend to overlook when we chase shiny achievements. And when our loved ones leave before we do, what should we do with the paralysing sorrow and grief?

Here’s a poem I chanced upon last night:

After Your Death
by Lisel Mueller

The first time we said your name
you broke through the flat crust of your grave
and rose, a movable statue,
walking and talking among us.

Since then you’ve grown a little.
We keep you slightly larger
than life-size, reciting bits of your story,
our favorite odds and ends.
Of all your faces we’ve chosen one
for you to wear, a face wiped clean
of sadness. Now you have no other.

You’re in our power. Do we
terrify you, do you wish
for another face? Perhaps
you want to be left in darkness.

But you have no say in the matter.
As long as we live, we keep you
from dying your real death,
which is being forgotten. We say,
we don’t want to abandon you,
when we mean we can’t let you go.

Five interesting WeChat official accounts

WeChat is the only app a person truly needs in China. It is everything, with the functions of WhatsApp, Facebook, blog, e-wallet and more rolling into one amazing, powerful app.

The official accounts on WeChat are what I read when I ride in the subway and before bedtime. Here are five accounts that I adore:

1. Yi Tiao 一条

Yi Tiao is touted as the “most beautiful video channel in China.”  And it truly is. Fascinating people and places are featured in neat, captivating videos.

(WeChat ID: yitiaotv)

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