My nephew in Langkawi

Early this month, we took my five-year-old nephew to Langkawi, an island located northwest of Peninsular Malaysia. It was his first plane ride, and he couldn’t be more excited.

When the plane was taxiing on the runway before takeoff, he asked impatiently, “Are we in the sky yet? Are we?” As the plane lifted off the ground, he raised his little arms and cheered. We all smiled.

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Pulau Rawa

We arrived at the little tropical island after a short boat trip from Mersing jetty and hopped into the waters to get off the speedboat. Sandals were taken off and chucked aside since we didn’t need them anymore, at least for the next three days.

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Summer in the US

I underestimated my intolerance for heat and humidity, and wrongly assumed that summer in the United States would be a breeze for a tropics native like me. For six weeks, the merciless sun threatened to sprinkle more freckles onto my sunscreen-covered face, while sweat dripped like a thousand steady streams down my back.

Despite so, I sought out the sun for the gorgeous display of light and shadow. And the sun provided such clarity – not only to the images captured, but also to the mind. The tendency to bare all, emotionally, is higher under the bright sun.


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Ottawa Canada

For full set of photos, please do check out my website at: Ottawa Canada.

The Journey…

Ottawa -1

Since returning from Canada, I  keep saying that I want to migrate (one day when Malaysia become an Islamic state). Then one day someone told me yes I should because Malaysia is this and that, but I quickly jump to Malaysia’s defend and say I love Malaysia, this is home and no place is better than home. As great as Canada is, it is no Malaysia. Where in Canada can we wake up in the middle of the night and go out for a plate of mee goreng? Saying I want to migrate is my way of remembering my vacation in Canada.

Ottawa -4

Peking Duck Burger

Eating a whole Peking duck at a restaurant often feels very ceremonious. A chef will carve the freshly roasted duck next to your table, steam rising as the skin is sliced off. The process feels grand and purposeful.

Enjoying the dish is a graceful affair. Thin slices of skin and meat are dipped into sauce (each restaurant boasts its own specialty sauce) and then arranged on a sheet of pancake together with shreds of scallions and cucumber. Next, roll and fold the pancake into a small little bolster. When you bite into the ensemble, sweet bean sauce leaks into your mouth, paving the way for the rest of the fillings.

Dadong, a famous Peking duck chain, is reinventing the way to enjoy the imperial delicacy. Instead of a formal sit-down meal, it is providing an alternative: grabbing the treat to-go.

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A Hong Kong delight

Hong Kong didn’t feel like a total stranger even though it has been almost 30 years since I last went there, when I was nine or 10. However, I have very little memory of the city so this trip was a new discovery. It was a very short trip and I certainly hope I can return to see more of it. I will let my pictures tell you how I see Hong Kong. Check out the photos on my website: Hong Kong Through Sam’s Eye